Anime convention problem unsolved, city evacuated

FLATCREST, PR – Health officials were left baffled today after their plan to allow Weeacon 2016 to continue after severe violations of the department’s body odor policy backfired on them. They initially believed that moving the 7,800 anime fans to relocate to a different venue, which allowed them to continue their convention would be beneficial to solving the odor problem. But, they found out the hard way that it only made it worse.

The Flatcrest Convention Center was playing a key role in keeping the sweat pocket, which contained 10,000% more bacteria than the maximum allowed, from going awry. After moving Weeacon to the local baseball field, a rave started, which created a new sweat pocket even bigger than the one in the convention center leading to severe consequences.

The city of Flatcrest was evacuated as the air in three districts became too toxic to breathe, FPD say. It was reported that about 1,000 people were hospitalized as a result.


No convention goers were harmed as they were oblivious to their own odor. However, they were quarantined and made to shower. Weeacon 2017 will be held on a secluded island in the North Pacific Ocean to prevent any other human lives from being endangered by their scent.

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