Teen killed in car accident actually complete douche

EVEREST, NT – A small town is reeling from a tragic drunk driving accident that left a high school senior, Thomas Wadsworth, dead. With many people mourning the loss of a ‘bright student’ and ‘star athlete’. His family and girlfriend mourn the loss of what they said was a caring, happy, and generous person, and that is the only thing the local news showed.

However, many people are doing quite the opposite. Expressing conflicted feelings about the teen’s death due to the fact he was a dick when he was alive.

“I feel for his family and all,” a classmate told NNN today, “But that piece of shit stole 20 dollars from me to buy booze.”

“I don’t care how he died that guy hacked my PSN and stole my DLC.” another classmate told us. “He can burn in hell for that man.”

Many people are now scared to speak out on the dirt they have on Wadsworth, questioning their moral standing on it, considering he died in a horrific car accident. Which was caused by an intoxicated man that jumped the median on Neomongolian Federal Highway 223 around 8pm Wednesday. The driver was going close to 120 kilometers per hour when he collided head-on with Wadsworth’s vehicle. Who was transported via LifeFlight to Changshan General Hospital, where he died 4 hours later.




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