‘Jill Stein can win!’ says most optimistic man on the planet

DENVER, CO – After a devastating loss to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries, Bernie Sanders supporters have been left scattered. Some are choosing to vote for Donald Trump in order to prevent a Clinton presidency, some have decided to stay on the left lane and vote Clinton, some even decided not to vote. However, there are some who are being pulled toward third party candidates like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. Many are choosing Jill Stein, where long time supporters of her and the Green Party welcome them with open arms.

Among these supporters is Samuel Freeman, a 37-year-old coffee shop barista from Denver, who is quite pleased with the influx of downtrodden Sanders supporters. Freeman, who has supported Stein for the past 12 years, sees this as their golden opportunity.

Freeman (far right), at a Jill Stein rally earlier this year

“She could finally get on the polls,” Freeman told NNN enthusiastically, “which means she has a chance of winning this election.”

Freeman has always had his hopes up that Jill Stein will get the staggering 5% approval rating in the polls needed for her to get any traction in the campaign. However, this has not happened in the past election cycles where Jill Stein has tried (and failed) to run for president.

Optimism is truly the only thing left on Freeman’s side in this rocky election cycle. As Stein’s chances of becoming President of the United States has remained relatively the same, slim to none.

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