Man arrested for destroying appliances amid wiretapping scare

AKRON, OH –  Akron residents were awoken by the sounds of disgruntled screaming, incoherent rants about the government, and metal crashing early Monday morning. The cause of the commotion was later revealed to be coming from the residence of 37-year-old mechanic Derek Reynolds.

Police say that Reynolds was supposedly paranoid that the CIA was wiretapping his home using his everyday appliances. Reynolds, who shared links to conspiracy websites on social media, was slowly caving from mental pressure for a long time. Distancing himself from friends and family, who he believed were government sleeper agents.

These paranoid assumptions culminated at around 7:45 am Monday morning when he unplugged appliance in his house. Which included a toaster, his oven, a microwave, a refrigerator, and a coffee maker; as well as all of his electronic devices and took them to his backyard before destroying them all with a tire iron. Around 30 minutes into the disturbance, neighbors decided to call the police.

Police arrived and detained Reynolds to take him to a psychiatric hospital, before he was declared sane and transferred to jail. He posted 2,000 dollars bond and was released.

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