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Having been snubbed of Super Bowl solo, Baba makes debut as backup dancer

SANTA CLARA, CA –¬†In a shocking turn of events, Turkish superstar Koksal Baba has been snubbed of his solo performance at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show. Which lead to outrage among fans eagerly watching the game via telecast in Istanbul. This anticipation was met with sheer disappointment as Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars were playing instead of him.

Koksal Baba (circled) dancing alongside Coldplay at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show

Baba, however, wasn’t completely shelved from performing. A fan with a key eye from Flatcrest spotted him in the Coldplay performance as a backup dancer. Which was met with rejoice by Turkish fans, who spotted him after clearing the fog in their eyes from being up so late. Baba was seen dancing off beat alongside perfectly dressed women who accompanied the lip-synced songs. Even with Baba’s mismatched attire, he was hard to spot due to how small he is.

After the show, Baba reportedly started a fight with Coldplay lead Chris Martin and Bruno Mars, who he stood eye to eye with.

Koksal Baba to Perform at Super Bowl Halftime Show

Turkish pop megastar Koksal Baba has seen major success in his homeland. However, he will play on the biggest stage of his career Sunday evening during the Super Bowl’s halftime show. Replacing all the other lip syncing, plastic surgery enhanced, and talentless pop stars that usually grace the stage on this big night.


Koksal Baba is a humble man, usually singing acapella in front of beachside audiences.


When asked by NNN about this career-changing night, Baba responded with a high-pitched “FROSUISEEEE”, accompanied by several swift kicks to our reporter’s legs.