SoFloAntonio arrested at customs for grand theft

CHANGSHAN, CH – Controversial internet sensation SoFloAntonio was arrested today during customs at Changshan International Airport for grand theft. Antonio has been banned from entering the Republic of Neomongolia since late 2015. Immigration officials have stated he was detained initially for illegally entering the country, and would have been sent on the next flight back to Los Angeles. But a pat-down search and quick look through his baggage allowed an arrest to be made.

Immigration Enforcement seized over 65,000 dollars in cash that was reportedly made off of licensing prank videos, vines, and reuploaded viral content. Officials also seized two USB drives, one SD card, and three Apple devices. All of which contained gigabytes of stolen content, thousands of videos which he reportedly watched ’17 times’, and Skype conversations where threatened to sue people who commentated about his actions.

SoFloAntonio has been subject to a lot of controversy online, mainly due to stealing videos from other content creators and reuploading them. Usually garnering 500% more

SoFloAntonio (Pictured) after being arrested at CSIA


views than the original videos. Antonio has also made numerous prank videos where he is involved in sexual encounters with women he sees in public. Most of the pranks on his channel, however, are reuploaded. When approached by NNN about this, he merely responded with “pranks are licensed under my name, it’s my trademark and I can make money off of it. It’s a partnership”

Antonio is currently at the Changshan County Jail, where he is being held without bond. YouTuber and comedian Ethan Klein will be a key witness in the case as it moves forward. If convicted, Antonio can face up to 17 years in prison.



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