Anime convention shut down after violating Health Dept.’s body odor policy

FLATCREST, PR – Anime fans in Neomongolia were saddened today as their annual gathering Weeacon 2016 was shut down by health officials, who cited numerous health hazards with the convention. Including a severe violation of the department’s body odor policy.

“This is an outrage! BAKA!” a man going by Rinu-San told us, as he performed an anime move from some show that we did not look into.

Hazmat crews monitor B.O. levels in the air before declaring the convention center safe.

Local police have received numerous reports of disturbances caused by convention goers, but none ever warranted a complete shutdown of the gathering itself, since most of them were harassment calls involving adult male attendees groping teenage Asian girls that walked past. However, a sweat pocket in the 2nd floor of Flatcrest Convention Center caused federal authorities to step in.

The 7,800 attendees, who called themselves “Otakus”, were left outraged afterward. Many complaining about racism against Japanese people, which was greatly ironic because 87% of the attendees were white.


The convention center was quarantined by a local hazmat crew and will be restored to full operations by Tuesday afternoon.

Weeacon will be relocated to an open roof venue for adequate ventilation, even though the cold winter air will make the last two days of the con an unpleasant experience.



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