Chinese smog crisis solved after vape shop raids

SHANGHAI, CHINA – For the past several years, China has been struck with the effects of major smog that leaves citizens gasping for air every time they leave their homes. Many people are harshly critical of the CCP’s mismanagement of the pollution crisis. This was never the case. After a thorough analysis of air in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzen, the culprit was finally discovered.

The air contains the vapor from electronic cigarettes, used in “vaping”. Which has become surprisingly popular among Chinese youth, who mainly prefer the old fashioned way of destroying their lungs, cigarettes

Chinese youth vaping in a park in Shanghai



The Chinese government swiftly took action and closed every vape shop in the country after a massive police raid. The results of which were unparalleled to anything else ever seen by the human populace. Changshan fixed its smog problem by banning vaping in city limits in 2013, and China has followed through with the same plan.

The skies were blue in Beijing and for the first time in years, visibility is above 25 miles. Chinese citizens can rejoice knowing they can finally go out and breathe the air without having to suck in some hipster’s garbage juice. Chinese health official Bo Yang said, “This is truly a step in the right direction. Without vape, we will have clean air for future generations to breathe.”

Vaping was also blamed for the country’s toxic water, which came after people dumped old vape juice into bodies of water throughout the nation.

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