Dr. Phuc to attend BronyCon 2016?

CHANGSHAN, CH – Rumors in the inner workings of leadership in Neomongolia are suggesting that Neomongolian Premier Dr. Phuc will be attending BronyCon this year in Baltimore, MD, which takes place on July 8th through 10th of this year. His attendance is scheduled for a taping of his new show Dr. Phuc Philes, an analytic series diving into current pop culture issues and topics. The show has yet to premiere, but will within the coming weeks.

Phuc’s brother, Chinkus, may also attend. But his view on Bronies are speculated by the public to be unfavorable. Considering he went into a drunken rage at a Brony convention in Neomongolia last May.

Security will not be beefed up at the convention if Dr. Phuc attends as he is nothing to this country compared to his brother. Dr Phuc has yet to confirm these rumors.

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