Sanders anxious as core demographic on Spring Break

SEATTLE, WA- Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders is feeling the Bern today as his core demographic may not turn out for him during the essential Washington state primaries. Sanders supporters, mostly college students, are currently on spring break. Which means they will be out of state and likely getting too drunk or high in Florida to care about politics at all.

That doesn’t mean Bernie Sanders is losing any millennial supporters, we caught up with a partygoer in Miami who was quite stunned that he couldn’t vote for Bernie in his state’s primary while being out of state.

“What do you mean I can’t vote in the primary? I’m from Everett, born and raised!” The confused student, who asked not to be named told us “I could vote for him here in Florida!”

Florida has already had its primaries, which Clinton already won.


The remaining Sanders supporters in Washington decided not to vote as they stick to the belief that all elections are rigged.

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