ISRO Outraged after Neomongolia launches FUIDM I

MUMBAI, INDIA- India’s space program, ISRO, was both shocked and angered today after learning about the launch of Neomongolian space probe FUIDM. FUIDM was said to carry a robot and parts to assemble a functioning toilet on the moon. The probe was launched shortly after hearing of India’s POOMOONII probe, which was launched Friday evening and has yet to reach lunar orbit. When asked to comment, ISRO officials merely responded with a distraught “Ah -expletive- you, India #1 world superpower, Cost less than Gravity movie.”


Concept art of the probe


FUIDM will be using state-of-the-art solar sails to reach Lunar orbit in only 28 hours. From there, they will deploy the toilet parts and robot to the projected landing of POOMOONII.



India has launched a counter rocket, but it crashed into the Indian Ocean.


FUIDM costed less than Gravity, by a long shot.

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