Area man thinks of genius April Fools’ joke, spreads celebrity death hoax

CHANGSHAN, NM – A local man has been having a lot of laughs today as his favorite holiday is celebrated. 62 year old Robert Sterling thinks that he’s a pretty good comedian and that all of his jokes are original and practical. Last year, he managed to get several of his friends by “Rick Rolling” them.

This year, he’s going to prank his friends at Meadow Falls Retirement Center by sending them an email with a link to a news article concerning Michael Jackson’s death.

“They’re gonna be so shocked. I think a couple of them are gonna have a heart attack!” An enthusiastic Sterling told NNN. “Don’t blame me though! -laughs-”

We couldn’t break the news that Michael Jackson died for real in 2009. I guess the internet isn’t for an old egg like him.


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