Aspiring journalist sick of Trump, posts funny face of him

SAN JOSE, CA –  Running low on ideas an aspiring journalist, Michael Schuster, decided to write an op-ed piece expressing his distaste for the viewpoints and success of Republican front-runner Donald Trump. However, his twelve paragraph rant on the man’s remarks and antics couldn’t drive home his point enough. So he enlisted the help of a screenshot from a Trump rally, in which the man makes a humorous looking face.

“That’ll show him,” Schuster whispered under his breath as he attached the file to his WordPress account, “his campaign will be in bits when I post this one.”

With a thumbnail like this Trump will lose his campaign in no time!

Schuster’s article, titled Trump is a Racist and So Are You, was posted onto his BuzzFeed community account early this morning following Trump’s sweep of 7 states in the Super Tuesday primaries. The Berkeley graduate was quick on the story, as he finished his article on a 2013 MacBook Pro decorated with a Bernie Sanders sticker in a record time of 51 minutes. This time was accounted to his repeated ad hominem attacks and, you guessed it, funny, smug images of the candidate screenshotted from his appearances.


Trump will totally drop out of the race now. 

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